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Storyteller April 2020 Update: Norfolk #5 Q&As, Gab's new look, the fate of the comic book industry and more!

This has been quite a crazy year, eh?

COVID-19: Let's introduce a little anarchy.!
Trump: FOR YOU!

Putting the joke aside, this has been a crazy month with that COVID-19, the Entertainment Industry, the Election, and other events going on.

Norfolk #5 has been in development for a month and has been delayed many times due to time constraints and COVID-19. This issue will be experimenting with new art techniques with abstract, photographs and different panel layouts for this 68-page THICC book. This will be Norolfk's biggest issue, inspired by Marvel's Giant-Sized editions back in the day.

After Issue #5 will be released it will 5 more to go and 1 annual. All of 'em will be put together in one single trade paperback when it's all complete.

Gaba-da-dubb! has been making new progress of the new interface for its website, it takes heavy influence of Facebook's interface. According to Andrew Torba @a

Progress this week on the new Gab Social interface:
-Notifications are all working, can be filtered, and are grouped together when multiple people engage on the same content.
-The new comment composer is up and running, still needs some minor tweaking though
-Profiles are looking absolutely stunning. We created a header that scrolls with you as you are viewing someone's profile making it quick and easy to follow them, block them, DM them, etc.
-Refined the Trending column a bit for better styling.

They are also working on bringing back a Gab Help center with FAQ's, guides, and videos on all of Gab products. This new design makeover will launch this month in April according to Mr. Torba.
The Gab team said that Gab will be integrated with the coding platform called 'Hydra" to make the site more stable.

Many people have been having problems trying to update Gab's Dissenter browser and they have fixed it where you can now download the update directly.

Gab is also making a new video communication platform called "ON", assumably competing against Skype and other video platforms that lack privacy for individuals. 

Comic Gates of Hell

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, comic book distributor Diamond Comics Distribution had announced to shut down distribution operations. But there's a problem, Diamond owns a monopoly of comic book distribution which means comic book direct market shops will not receive new comics to make profit and sales. This has also caused major publishers such as DC, IDW, Dark Horse with financial problems but Marvel doesn't seem to take seriously at all of this current situation.

So far this has not affected the Manga industry including Western publishers like Viz Media.

Marvel has announced a New Warriors titles with an inferior abomination of characters created by a pathetic excuse as a human being, Daniel Kibblesmith. Also responsible for writing the degenerate children's book Santa's Husband. (Not really for children).  He was also a founding editor of ClickHole and formerly served as humor editor for BuzzFeed The NEW New Warrois has a "diverse" and pathetic cast of cliche' superhero tropes with degenerate proportions. A cyber Asian, an obese Indian "Dora" girl, Goth vampire cosplayer, and two incenstrial/gay black male twins. His take on New Warriors is very disrespectful to the lore of the older comics from the old days.New WarriorsNew Warriors

Lord Jesus PLEASE come sooner the suffering is unbearable!

Writers like Kibblesmith is one of the reasons why modern mainstream Western comic books are dying and decaying. This is why Japanese Manga is better, with high-quality storytelling and not this crap. Kibblesmith "claims" this is original work but there's speculation that it's a rip off of the original Big Hero Six Marvel comics of 1998 and 2009. (Not to be confused with the Disney film with that is based on.) The Indian obese girl with a backpack/purse named Trailblazer is a ripoff of Honey Lemon, she also has a purse that gives her "superpowers." Honey Lemon is hotter than that blob. The team is also a group of teens.

The trailer for the comic received major backlash with over 200,000 dislikes and the whole internet was talking about it. Even SJWs for which this comic was targeting to doesn't even like it.

Speaking of degeneracy DC comics told Marvel to hold their beer and announced a graphic novel called Gotham High, a fan-fiction Twilight rip-off that butchers the batman lore and a ridiculous reimagining and bastardization of the Batman mythos.

Catwoman Falls in Love With [SPOILER] in DC's Gotham High

Raceswapping Bruce Wayne as an Asian from Hong Kong and Cilynna Kiel as a Hispanic in that love triangle cliche with the joker. NO ONE ASKED FOR THIS!  Written by Melissa de la Cruz who's never read the comics and never got involved with the mythos. Genric Illustrations by Thomas Pitilli. DC believes graphic novels targeting towards for young audiences can save them, well it doesn't. No one is going to buy this.

We Out

That's it and that's all for this week's words.  Have a great weekend.  Don't do anything we wouldn't do, and please don't tell your grandmother that you don't like her quilt.  She worked hard on that bad boy.  Tell her you love it and make sure you drag it out into the living room when she drops by.  And for now, stay safe and stay tuned.


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