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Storyteller May 2020 Update: New titles and projects.

This upcoming year, Storyteller is making new 2 projects, a horror anthology book, and a mystery thriller. 

A mystery novella written by A.E. Firestone is in development codenamed: Penisula will take place in Europe and will be inspired by Clue and other mystery thrillers.  Storyteller Presents: 25 Ghost Stories, an anthology collection of scary stories about ghosts and ghouls that will captivate readers for hours. There are ghost tales from the masters of literature within these pages of the book including contributions by Edgar Allan Poe, Guy de Maupassant, Eleanor F. Lewis, Arnold M. Anderson, Frederick P. Schrader, and many other ghostly folktales including The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe, The Flayed Hand by Guy de Maupassant, The Vengeance of a Tree by Eleanor F. Lewis, The Parlor-Car Ghost Ghost of Buckstown Inn by Arnold M. Anderson, The Burglar’s GhostA Phantom Toe, Mrs. Davenport’s Ghost by Frederick P. Schrader, The Phantom WomanThe Phantom HagFrom the Tomb by Guy de MaupassantSandy’s GhostThe Ghosts of Red Creek by S.T.The Spectre BrideHow He Caught the GhostGrand-Dame’s Ghost Story by C.D.A Fight with a Ghost by Q.E.D.Colonel Halifax’s Ghost StoryThe Ghost of the CountThe Old MansionA Misfit GhostAn Unbidden Guest The Dead Woman’s photography he Ghost of a Live Man The Ghost of Washington. 

It will be available sometime this year exclusively on on paperback and digital on Storyteller Presents is a series for classic underrated literature or unique specials. 

Each product of Storyteller will have an official badge "Storyteller Official Product".  

Also, Norfolk is taking a break due to the author's burn out. Don't worry our boi will be back and won't leave with a forever cliff hanger. But the author is thinking about making a game-book based on Norolfk inspired by table-top RPGs and traditional gamebooks like Fighting Fantasy. Making gamebooks and interactive stories can be complicated, most people who makes stuff like this use Twine to help 'em organize complicated interactive storylines. 

It is also announced 2 publishing labels from Storyteller, Storyteller Classics ( for classic literature) and Storyteller Interactive ( for interactive games both analog and digital). 

That's all for now, folks! 


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