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Naughty Dog is going NUCLEAR on copyright strikes, shuts Youtubers down!

The Last of Us 2 Will Gobble Up At Least 100GB of PS4 Hard Drive Space - Push Square

Naughty Dog has been shutting down Youtubers for even talking about The Last of Us Part 2 without even showing cutscenes or spoiling the plot. Many Youtubers have been victims of abusive corporate  DMCA abuse for mentioning the game, Geeks & Gamers made a live stream without reveling footage of cutscenes or talking about the plot spoilers. After that stream, his video was removed and copyright strikes by a third party British company, Muso TNT, an anti-piracy company has been responsible for striking down these videos. They have a business partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment.

G&G, Babyface, Anomaly Inc., HealvsBabyface, are a few of the many content creators that have been receiving these strikes. Geeks & Gamers owner Jeremy @DDayCobra. has made a rant video of this situation, you can watch it here.

This whole situation is a violation of the 1st amendment which guarantees freedom of speech!

Upper Echelon Gamers said this in this great video.
"The Last of Us Part 2 will go down to history as one of the most brutally damaging games to ever release and will be cited for decades as the reason behind future struggles for social justice credibility in the video game industry."

 It’s crystal clear it’s agenda-driven. They even purposely made the female characters more ugly! Even Ellie is uglier than before.  Killing the lead main male character? What a joke. What happened to Ellie? In the first Last of US 2 trailer in 2018 she was an attractive, normal human being! After that they made her look like Fiona from SHREK.

Feminist wants a woman to be ugly for some reason not attractive and pretty.
In the game, you are forced to play this ugly transgender character named Abby in the second half of the game after he/she killed the beloved main character from the first game, a white man.
This game is also sexist and racist towards white caucasian males, this game and Naughty Dog should be held accountable.

After hearing about how this company treats its employees... most of everyone couldn't care less about this game.  There's enough evidence that shows the crunch culture, woke politics, and employee mistreatment are NOT ways to run a business.

On Upper Echelon Gamers same video I've seen some interesting comments.

Honey Badger commented:
"I sincerely hope Last of Us 2 will be a strong and costly example of what happens when you take political pandering too far in a medium where politics shouldn't exist in the first place. Or they could just pull the Last Jedi, double down, and keep digging their graves even further."

Rodrick Lindsey replied (3 paragraphs)

"But politics have almost always been in video games, some of the first ones were about defending your country from nuclear attacks in the cold war, WW2 is on the rise as a set-piece, Battlefield 1 was pretty well applauded for how it showed the war and many of those who fought in it (African American soldiers, Italians, Australians, Arabians), and a few other things. Capitalism and communism focused games, literal historical simulations, etc. Politics are kinda intertwined with games and society as a whole, and we only dislike it when it's done poorly or it doesn't vibe with our own beliefs.

LoU2 is already hated by everyone because it (presumably) tackles the issue in the worst possible way. COD WW2 and Detroit: Become Human did it poorly because they just brute forced the "hey idiots, don't be racist" and "women are strong too" messages without any more depth than a children's swimming pool (I was personally REALLY weirded out by Cage's whole "press x to liberate" and "those ethnic fellas are MAGICALLLL" things, being black myself and STILL getting racist remarks thrown at me), but does anyone really dis Fallout New Vegas and how it shows politics? Anyone get mad at Halo for having strong female protagonists and prominent black heroes?

Most games just have it on the back burner rather than focusing it into oblivion. When the games treat their ideas as just a normal thing not to really note, it supports their point better. No one noting how cool Cortana is for being a female makes each of her accomplishments mean so much more, same for Samus or Ripley. Otherwise, it's just "Oh wow, despite being lesser, you managed to meet the par for the course".
IDK maybe I'm actually dumb, I don't have any training or anything on this."

I predicted the game was going to be woke, it was obvious the direction of the game was going to be in the 2018 trailer.  This whole event should be an example of what happens when you do political degenerate pandering in video games. Especially with a horrible story. I really feel bad for the people that liked the series.

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