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Norfolk #1 Redux Edition is out now for FREE!

The last comic book of 2020, it's been a rough year around the edges, so have this Christmas gift on us. The Redux edition of the very first Issue of Norfolk is now available for download for FREE & DRM-FREE.

Completely redrawn and redesigned from the ground up.

In the dystopian future of 2084, a mysterious giant called a "Fathom" comes to the futuristic city of Norfolk, Virginia to terrorize everyone until it meets its rival, a humanoid mech known as the Legionnaire.  Who will win, giant or machine? 

This is a great start to get into the Norfolk Universe.

Download the PDF file for FREE & DRM-FREE. Also, check out the other Norfolk Issues and other comics.  (English Only)!LHQHjCIR!FBQZSYZ80kqo8u0YCMRV-g

Merry Christmas! 


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