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Storyteller is Celebrating 5 years of Storytelling.


On 11/20/2015 Storyteller was created as an imprint to create original stories with meaningful values and supports freedom of speech. Every smart and talented creator needs it to unleash their full creativity. Do not ever let anyone stop you from making what you love!. 

"It's ok to fail sometimes. You don't have to make excuses for your failures. Everyone fails. EVERYONE! Even the most successful people in history were the biggest failures.

 You failed. Great! Get up, learn from your mistakes, and do it the right way.


As an artist, you will receive hate from start to success. Don't ever let that stop you.

They can tell me: "Sonya, your music isn't that good at all" or "Your singing voice is average at best".

Guess what? I'm singing anyway. I'm writing more songs. I'm still making the music I love and following my dreams.

It's not the haters that are holding you back, it's you. They cannot stop you without your permission, and that is a fact!

They don't believe in you? Who cares? Believe in yourself and make some new songs!

And most of all... #BeUnstoppable ! #DreamBigFightHard"

From @Sonya-Marlene

We made comics, novels, and analog games from Midnight to Norfolk. We revived old classics from the grave them a fresh of new air.

Starting in 2021, the webcomic Norolfk will return and conclude its story from where it all began from Issue #1. Issue #4 is the most popular and viewed issue since it was released on 2/2/2020. Old classic novels will be remastered and revived. A.E. Firestone's new upcoming historical novel, Project: Silvastapol, will be released in the later coming year. Norfolk RPG "might" get an expansion pack on more advanced rules in late 2021, but we'll see. 

Storyteller is proud to exist for these past five years and will continue to move forward in the future.  (Wonder what it will be like in 2025?) If you have might notice, the "2020" picture, has these colored pallets that represent the flag of freedom of Speech by Designed by artist John Marcotte, the flag and its colors correspond to a cryptographic key that enabled users to copy HD DVDs and Blu-ray Discs. It was created on May 1, 2007, during the AACS encryption key controversy. 

We know it's been a very difficult year and a rough start for the new decade, so enjoy and be happy with yourself. 



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