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Norfolk Issue #1 & 2 to have "redux editions" in 2020 and 2021


A.E. Firestone has announced to have remastered versions of his kaiju/Mecha webcomic, Norfolk, in December 2020 and January 2021.

A brief recap: In the dystopian future of 2084, the neo-futuristic city of Norfolk must defend itself from giant kaiju called "Fathoms", so they built giant sentient robots called 'Machinimas" to defend and save the city. So far there have been 5 comic book issues and a role-playing game.

The creator created the first two issues just for fun in 2019 but has admitted that they were pretty rushed in the beginning. The quality of the series had improved since people have been reading them and wanted more. Some people have "turned away" from the very first issue, so Mr. Firestone plans to fix that.

These "redux editions" will have complete new illustrations, dialogue, and new scenes. Mr. Firestone wanted to add color to it but it will be only in B&W due to timing constraints and it will be 16 pages long instead of the usual 24 pages. 

Also for the first time, the first two issues will be translated into a few languages including French, Japanese, Russian, and Greek. 

The first monster to appear in the series "Invidia" meaning Envy or Jealousy will be getting a new makeover. 

This new Invidia looks like a rip-off of Godzilla and Palkia from Pokemon. Mr. Firestone said, "That's the point, Invidia means jealousy and it's an allegory that he's envious, he wants to be those legendary titans but he never will be. Similar to people trying to mimic others to looks like another person, especially a woman that wants to be a guy." 

The creator said he also loved Godzilla and Palkia when he was younger. (Dialga fans go REEEEEE)
and enjoyed remodeling Invidia for the redux. Saying that the old Invidia looks like a combination of the best animals but had second thoughts after publication. 

For Issue #2 of the redux, the second monster "Gula" will not be changed but the second issue will keep the best-illustrated scenes and replace the mediocre ones new and fresh illustrations.

Both Issues will have new unique illustrated abstract-looking covers. If you liked the original primitive versions of Issues #1 & 2, don't worry they won't be removed and you can still look at them if you wish.

So, what about Issue #6, when will see that? It will come later in 2021 after the redux editions are complete. 

You can still enjoy Issues #1-5 and the Role-playing game while you wait. 😉


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