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Foreverhood, a surreal experience.

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"In the land of memories, the purity keeps this world alive. All creatures native to the world of forever know only of the child like innocence they were created with. Their world that of child-and-parent partnership, a timeless play land built to contain happiness. 

However, this all came crashing down the day evil peered through the overcast sky. They called it "the nightmare", and with good reason. Its evil tore through the land, eroding away the terrain and crippling the life it encountered. Those inhabitants that where not killed by the evil became mutated versions of their former selves, lashing out against those that retained their innocence. 

It was the darkest time the world had ever seen; it was also the day you arrived into this world. Nobody knew what to make of you at first, as you clearly weren't native to these parts. Your memory was blank, your identity was lost, but something about you seemed trustworthy. Embraced by the last of the innocent inhabitants, you..."

 For those of you unaware of what Foreverhood is, it is an independent title made back in 2006, developed by the efforts of one determined individual on classic doom technology. Basted on the concept of memories having their own worlds, Foreverhood takes the player through three surprisingly unique environments as they try to survive in a dying land. Within their abstract adventure, the player must choose whether they would like to fight in unison with a dying planet, or destroy it with the new invaders that have infested the land. This was originally made for a experimental film school project for a university.

It's very surreal and very brown, the oddly world weirdness is everywhere. It was not intended to be a game, but an experience with a mix of exploration, cinematics and limited combat. it's such a nice concept. There's only 1 mission made, 2 was planned but unfortunately unfinished. The creator, Skadoomer, hasn't touched the game with a new update since April 4 2006, and the creator was last online on November 9 2008. 

The art design from the environment to the character NPCs has that surreal and creepy feel, I love it! It so bizarre! There's obvious inspiration to the 1990's Dreamworks game, The Neverhood and has those  Psychonauts vibes.

"A mother plant and protector of the innocent
creatures who's home has been invaded."

"A creature who deals with the changed land by
thinking constantly about the quams of existence.
The double hands are quite an awesome design."

"A character that deals with the changing events of
his home by endlessly wondering from place to

 It's such a shame that this project (actually this weird universe) was left unfinished. Maybe the creator had a job, had a family, or passed away , who knows. It would take a miracle, if the creator did come back to finish it. 

A very disturbing,yet interesting experience. I was expecting a "Final Hero" kind of game but it became something different. Atmosphere and writing are amazing and the game itself is unique.

This game provokes many questions about life and about the world we can see...and the world we cant...

It's a very spine chilling experience.

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