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What is Wokeism?


The word "Woke", yes we all heard of that word since 2015, that annoys me and everyone else but where did that word come from? And what started it? What is the definition of "woke"? What is "wokeism"? 

Once upon a time,

Before the 2000's, everyone was minding there own business until 2008.

Lehman Brothers, an American bank, collapses consequently causing of the most worst financial crisis that effected American and the entire world. They reasons because they were greedy, swimming in piles of money, but at the same time creating a huge mortgage bubble. Risking to be popped. People and corporations heavily depend too much on banks.

Bank can't afford to collapse


Because it would create a financial crisis leading to civil unrest. 

Fearing of disorder and chaos, the U.S. Government declared they "we're too big to fail" so they bailed them out with Tax payers money. So, technically the tax payers forcefully bailed them out since the US government didn't generate money themselves. And the banks never payed the consequences, the tax payers did. Making it rub the salt on the wound.

This lead to a protest movement called Occupy Wall Street in 2011, where the 99% (the people) protested against the financially manipulations and inequality of the 1% (the bankers/rich). 

This protest and the actions within the movement united Americans from all political spectrums (left, right,center) and they scared the rich and wealthy oligarchs. 

Americans and the rest the world obviously knows the United States has a financial and oligarch problems of it's "wealthy population". Many numbers of  private/public health care with skyrocket prices (a universal healthcare system wouldn't work either/bad idea), long endless wars who die for no reason (military industrial complex/War Inc.), a laughable higher education system were requires you to be in dept to get a high level career in order to make money, a 2-party system with Democrats profiting on chaos/outrage and Republicans profiting on chaos/out rage caused by Democrats. "Why actually fix a problem when you can make millions of dollars off of it?" - Republicans. Most Republicans or people that call themselves "Conservatives" are grifters like Candace Owens, Dan Chrenshaw and etc.

If american keep being divided into "two tribes" who blame everything that goes wrong in their nation on the other tribe, the less likely they are to actually look up and see (((who's))) really pulling the strings. Which ALMOST happen in Occupy Wall Street. 

Feeling threatened, the American Oligarchs decided to use their influence and create artificial problems to distract the American people and get them to fight each other. A.K.A. divide and conquer. 

As such the American media, either owned by the oligarchs or bribes, decided to pit people against each other based on immutable characteristics such as race, ethnicity, gender and religion. Staring up problems by race-baiting people, promote race mixing, artificial sexism and manipulating religions to cause people to get outrage and them them hate each other. 

Their influence reins through music, traditional television, big tech social media, western animation, movies and sadly video games. ANY company or corporations that has an ad or website, displaying identity politics. Advertisements are the worst weapon. 

After 2011 the word "racism" and "political correctness' sky rocketed. Look at these graphs. Coincidence? I think NOT!

In divisive terms it's clear with to anyone with a high IQ for the past 10 years that the American people have been under serious psychological manipulation through mainstream media.

As perhaps best evidenced by the fact that in their desperation their "tribes" choose to elect an ex-TV show host and a old perv man with dementia to lead their country. Obviously both men were not perfect and not the greatest statesmen that America had to offer. 

And that is wokesim is. It's an artificial personification of such divide and conquer tactics manifesting itself in a tangible form.

Communist China is using 'wokeism' as a tool against U.S. for their advantages. Read the communist manifesto, divide and conquer is straight out of the playbook.

The people (both white and minorities) who fall prey to this "Woke" ideology identify themselves as liberals (especially the ones with a low IQ with a pea and a weak mind). Sometimes they are called SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) 

But they are anything but, they've taken the noble ideology of liberalism and inverted it into progressivism (a very radical form of liberalism to change anything and everything) 

They claim to be against racism but are the most racist people in the world. Especially mostly toward Caucasian white males claiming white people have no culture, telling them they need to stop having kids and be gay, race mix with others, feel guilty about their history's flaws, or kill your self. A.K.A. the great replacement. (That's another long story)

They also claim to be against sexism but blame everything on one gender, men. They don't want men to have nice things. They don't want them to see pretty woman, boobs, butts, etc. They want women to be physically strong and masculine like a man and men to be femininely weak and sissy boys. This is why women are so purposely unattractive ugly and men feminized in media This is also why the Woke absolutely HATES Japanese manga (and media) because they are not poisoned by wokeness. Japanese are VERY conservative and care deeply about their culture and customs They hate change. Same with most of Eastern Europe especially Russia. 

They claim to be fighting for your freedom, but they're really working for the Opposition without mostly realizing it and in reality wanting to take it all the way. That's why by the way the only people who tend to believe in this crap are college students as anyone with even a bit of life experience would see through this hateful hypocritical ideology like glass.

They aren't liberal they aren't conservative, they're something else. It's like you took the worst aspects of the left being their obsession with identity politics and the worst aspects of the right with corporatism and put them in a blender. This is their ideology. Identity Politics + Corporatism = Wokeism. 

The cult of wokeism isn't just in America but it slowly creeps and exports itself to other Western nations especially America's close and long distant cousins, Canada, the U.K., Ireland,  Australia and New Zealand. And The Great Replacement is relevant to this, but got progressively worse with illegal (and legal) immigration and letting thousands of migrants (mostly the ones with a low IQ) into the western population, so they can easily manipulate and control them like sheep for power. While at the same time getting rid of "white men", then let the remaining white woman race mix, after that, they'll die off and finally the mixed-race people breeds with the rest of the populations or die off. And that's the Great Replacement. Because white Caucasian males are smart and prone to be more awake to realize what's happening. Also, they are rewriting Western history and revisionized Western Media with race swapping. Replacing White characters or historical figures with non-white people, even if its very out-of place and tokenized. It's very racist and disgusting.

Even Liberal Globalist French President Emmanuel Macron said "leftist American ideology" is dividing his country. (Making America an escape goat)

Because this wokest cult is totalitarianism in nature, anything that doesn't fit into its narrow mold must be destroyed, wither it's movies, TV, comics, and video games. (Comics were already dying and many gamers don't tend to appreciate having their games sanitized in order to appease some outlandish political agenda.

This also a reason why we keep seeing movies, TV shows and video games getting pre-mature and unnecessary reboots as well as adaptations. Adding a revisionist twist like race swapping, censorship, political correctness and using it as propaganda as apolitical agenda.

If you don't like your favorite media being bastardized by Woke SJWs. They'll call you a bigot, sexist, racist, etc. 

Let's take latest Saint Row reboot for example. 

 Every angry, 'strong', sidecut female character that looks like a bitch is a good sign that you should avoid the product.

After the reboot's trailer was revealed, it received backlash after drastically changing the tone of the series from a serious mature modern game about gangsters to a degenerate comedic post-modern game about a group of college students hipsters being criminals to pay their student dept...um, ok? 

Not white person, women are masculine, unattractive, the men are feminine. They obviously make them ugly on purpose.

And this is why because 95% of true Saints Row fans are men and see it for what it really is. The reboot a post-modern tokenistic gesture to appease a sadistic cult. A occurring fictional restaurant in the game called "Freckle Bitches" had to be toned down as to not be objectified so it won't offend "women", but the men can be shirtless so... yeah, hypocrites.

Night n' Day

Gamers can see the hypocrisy through glass, that makes them a threat, hence why such false stereotypes have to be perpetuated via propaganda. Again, that's why call you a bigot, sexist, racist, etc. 

Take notes Rockstar.

The Last of US Part 2 from Naughty Dog was critically panned by fans and gamers alike for it's forced political agenda, non-logical sadistic story telling, making female characters ugly lesbian bitches, anti-male stance, lacks white male characters, forced diversity that's heavily tokienized that its very out of place, displaying Christians as racists cult (game director, Neil Drunkman, is Jewish, they are known for hating Christians and Western culture with a passion). 

Again, Night n' Day.

The game development was so harsh and brutal and knew the story was grotesque that one anonymous developer leaked the entire story and footage of the game to the internet. Everyone seen it and that's when the severe backlash happen. Then began the YouTube purge of taking down ANY videos mentioning the game at all 'til it's released.

However, there were some dipshits shills that wanted to play the game without ruining it, so they wasted their $60 and discovered that they should've listened. One Korean streamer was so frustrated over the game, he took some scissors and cut both game discs in half on live streaming.

It had high sales with the first week but began to decline very quickly after many people discovered what the f*ck that bought. Amazon review ratings are low, but 5 stars on top with fake reviews, almost ALL critics give it 10/10, and a very suspicious trailer (before the leak) that everyone was blinded too.

After the game was released an HBO adaptation was announced with Drunkmann supervising so will be woke too. 

It's so weird that the first game was a critical acclaimed masterpiece then the same dude that made that same masterpiece, turned the sequel into a pile of rotten political garbage just for some retweets. Weird. It's like he was kissing somebody's ass. The game was so buggy that they were too busy with political pandering on the story.

Another hypocritical thing is, Naughty Dog's parent company Sony Interactive Entertainment of California, decided to censor any sexual content and graphic sex scenes on the PlayStation platform especially anime games or any game from Japan. However, despite such censorship, a graphic and uncomfortable sex scene was in the The Last of US Part 2. 

For movies, Marvel's (Disney) Captain Marvel was an anti-male sexist film that was very offensive to men. After Avenger's Endgame, every MCU title has begun to be political and woke. Don't get me started on the The Last Jedi and the other "Disney" Star Wars films that were just a tool to lore people in to Kathleen Kennedy's political agenda.

The "idea" that gamers in general have bigoted attitudes can be easily debunked. When the granddady of Saints Row, Rockstar's Grand Thief Auto: San Andreas was released in 2005 during a time when America was conservative. In this game, you play as a black man named Carl Johnson who is constantly harassed by a group of local cops while in a never-ending gang war. Obviously, GTA: SA doesn't have a conservative story line. So, what's it woke? Did it sold poorly? Was it panned? 

Nope. San Adreas was one of the most best selling games on the sixth generation and received a critical acclaim from both critics and players and it still one of the greatest games of all time. It was mature game aimed at grown adult men. Not a general audience. You see, people don't mind adult games with a unique casts or a mature story that go against the grain as long they're done right (natural) and not forced. It's obivus this a story that Rockstar wanted to tell. It wasn't overtly political, it didn't purposely disrespect or discredit any group of people. It was real, it was interesting, and it was fun!

But if you seen The Last of US Part 2, Battlefield Vagina or these other woke movies and games and you don't see a blatant problem with them. We'll I have news for ya...

YOU are the problem, normie. 

Either by feigning ignorance to not stir up controversy like a coward or truly being completely inept with a low IQ of a pea.

These post-modern games, movies and other media blatantly trying to promote an agenda and not intelligently either.

San Adreas and the early Saints Row games made subtle political jabs (and neutral satire similar to South Park)

The key word is "Subtle". Political jabs are like a fart in a field, if you don't like you can just go in a different direction and carry on enjoying your day.

Wokeness is like a fart in a elevator lift, there's no escaping it.

What people don't like is having their favorite franchises hijacked and transmogrified beyond belief in order to appease a cult. Unfortunately most American and Western corporations are under the illusion that by catering to this vocal minority they will somehow make more cash. This is why the entertainment industry (and industries in general) are going down hill. (Low TV ratings, low comic book sales and low ticket sales). They may be making alot of money now, but if you compare the gross sales back then to now. You can obliviously see it. Even Disney is producing there own ticket sales and fake dislikes in certain trailers like Captain Marvel to say "this is a good movie". That's how desperate they are.

However if past attempts are anything to go by this very rarely if ever is this the case, if people don't like games such as the Saints Row reboot being accused of being so called woke then perhaps the believers of such an ideology should cease trying to cram it into every possible medium they can including establishes franchises that everyone is familiar with, even taking over committees which they previously had no care of like some sort of demonic parasite. 

I predict that much like the censorious conservatives from the 90's (that came after games like D&D and Doom and criticizing violence in Saturday Morning Cartoons shows), in many decades these locusts will be remembered in a similar vein. And many of those woke films, comics, shows and games didn't well at all. 

If anything this situation only showcases that all political ideologies if taken to their logical extremes have the potential to devolve into becoming totalitarians in nature and as we all know totalitarianism is the number one enemy of art.

"Everything woke turns to shit." - President Donald Trump

Useful Dictionary:

NPC: Non Player Character. A term now used to describe a 'Social Justice Warrior' or SJW, as their behavior mirrors that of traditional in game NPCs, in that their thoughts and actions are limited to their programming (programming being mainstream media in this case) and lacking any critical and independent thought process. An NPC is seemingly a human that is unable to think objectively.Someone using no critical thought or reasoning skills. Simply regurgitating a set of arguments and non-sequiturs bequeathed to them by someone else. Also, once you get it being passed along through multiple generations of NPCs, you get the "Chinese Whispers" effect as well. Drastically ratcheting up the level of crazy.

Protestor: You're a Nazi!

Me: I'm Jewish...

Protestor: You're a racist!

Me: Have you read anything I've written in the last 10 years? It's fairly clear I'm not a racist.

Protestor: You're a misogynist!

Me: Okay, that's it. Please produce some evidence of my supposed misogyny.

Protestor: Uh...I just heard it from someone...BUT YOU'RE EVIL!

Me: Ah, you're an NPC. Better get that script fact-checked...

If you make an NPC angry and cannot compute with their programming they'll become hostile.

Normie: Normie is a rising noun and adjective describing someone, often pejoratively or ironically, whose tastes and lifestyle are mainstream. It has become connected to normcore, which references fashion choices noted for being deliberately bland or unremarkable.A person gravitating to social standards, accepted practices, and fads of their own time & geographic grouping without broader cultural perspectives from which they draw. Most normies adopt a "popularity is the only measure of good or bad" mindset at an early age. Also refers to people who use popular social media and believes the popular opinion. They don't think for themselves, if something is considered "ok" they'll do it, even if it makes them monsters- they care more about the opinion of the projected "standard" of society than any actual values or beliefs. Take the blue pill.

"Doesn't this guy know our website's culture? Nah, hes just a normie."

If a Fren tells a Normie the truth or anything beyond Normie realm, three things will happen.

Gatekeeping: When people try to restrict others from enjoying what they do via a false sense of elitism. 

Or When people try to restrict others from enjoying from searching the truth. Anyone can be a gatekeeper. You just have to find the key to open the door without them looking.

Fren: Difficult to define. Someone who isn't a normie or NPC. Someone who's a real nationalist, a person of culture, someone who knows the deep truth, extremely self aware, Western nationalist, someone who loves and prefers Western culture and society, or wants to be with their own kind or culture. They can be one these or all of these. Take the red pill.

Article Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tA5qH2NsSg

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