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🐦#10: Virginia - The Old Dominion

Artwork by A.E. Firestone

 Sic Sember Tyrannis! ⛨ Look n' Find many objects and things in this artwork.

The Commonwealth of Virginia is the 10th state to join the United States. The State is known for its rich history and culture, as it's culturally different and unique from both America and the South, with strong English-Celtic and Southern roots. The Cardinal is the state bird, and the Dogwood is the state tree and flower; both the Cardinal and the Dogwood are famous cultural icons in the Commonwealth. Virginia's culture was popularized and influential as it spread across America and the South by figures such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Mason, and Robert E. Lee. πŸ•Ά Cardinals, shipbuilding, winery, English, Appalachia, Jamestown and the Pentagon is basically everything you need to know about Virginia.

Stuff to find:

  • 4 Turtles
  • 2 Mason Jars
  • 4 Arrow Heads
  • 9 Rebel flags
  • A Red Rook
  • A Pound coin
  • A Purple heart
  • 3 Green A's (a@&)
  • A Crawfish
  • and a Jackass.
  • Bonus: 17 male Cardinals.

Virginia #10 is part of the States, Provinces, and Territories of North America Look n' Find art series.

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