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๐Ÿš‚ Last Train To Apocalypse - An roguelike/tower defense hybrid game from PimientoDREAMS


Where's my four horses?

PimientoDREAMS has announced a new upcoming game called, Last Train To Apocalypse. An hybrid between roguelike and tower defense for Windows and Linux computers.


PimientoDREAMS officially announced their new game on April 30:

Ok folks, so I finally give to you the very first public screenshots of a new upcoming game... Last Train To Apocalypse!

This is the project me and the lads have been working on over the last 6-7 weeks. It's almost in an alpha release state and will have a fully unique soundtrack and pixel artwork.

The game is an interesting hybrid between the Roguelike and Tower Defence genres. It allows the player to travel from station to station, collecting weapons and building gun turrets in an effort to protect your train from the oncoming zombie horde.

There are still a few weeks of development left, but we are super excited about this one! Stay tuned, cause it's gonna be a banger!

The release date is to be announced and the developer gave a "hint" the game may use artificial intelligence for the dialog instead of real voices.

For now, you can check PimientoDREAMS' other games.

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