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All Lives Matter.

RIP David Dorn and Patrick Underwood. Did their lives matter? I guess not, they won't get media coverage because it doesn't fit the "narrative". 👮🏿‍♂️ 

Officer Dorn, a retired police captain, was protecting a friend's pawn shop Monday night when he was shot and killed by looters. 

His death occurred during a night in the city that saw looting and property damage following protests over the May 25 death of George Floyd, a black man who died while in police custody in Minneapolis, Minn.

Officer Dorn was found on a sidewalk in front of the shop. A Facebook Live video captured some of his last moments.

His son, Brian Powell said if Dorn was still alive, he would have shown empathy toward his attacker.

“My dad, he is a forgiving soul. So he would have forgiven that person and try to talk to them because he was real big on trying to talk to youth and mentoring young people as well,” he said. “He was trying to get them on the straight and narrow and everything."

Brian Powell made the remark to Fox2Now after David Dorn, 77, was gunned down early Tuesday while working as security for Lee’s Pawn Shop and Jewelry. Around 4 a.m. that morning, Powell said his brother – who was crying – called him to inform of him of his father’s death, leaving a "numbing feeling that came over my body.”

“The person who pulled the trigger, my message to them would just simply be, just step back from what you’re doing. Know the real reason that you are protesting. Let’s do it in a positive manner,” Powell told the station. “We don’t have to go out and loot and do all the other things.”

President Trump weighed in on Dorn's death earlier this week, saying he was "viciously shot and killed by despicable looters" and that "we honor our police officers, perhaps more than ever before.”

Dorn was killed early Tuesday while proviing security for a pawn shop in St. Louis. (Google Maps)


ABC 7 News reported Saturday night that a source confirmed to them that Patrick Underwood was the Federal Protective Service Officer shot and killed on May 29. Underwood, from Pinole, California, was 53 years old. While the FBI has not confirmed the officer’s identity, Underwood’s friends and family revealed that he was the victim.

Underwood Was Killed in a Drive-By Shooting That Federal Authorities Are Calling ‘an Act of Domestic Terrorism’.

A Reddit post about both officers was removed by moderators for "violating the following rule(s)".

This is sad and pathetic. 

Black lives matter, White lives matter, Blue lives matter, ALL LIVES MATTER! Every life is precious, there are good souls and bad souls, there are good cops and bad cops. 

These riots and looting under George Floyd's name is disgraceful and uncivilized. 

George Floyd was a criminal yes, but that Offical didn't have the right to stand there and kneel on him for over 8 minutes. 

Anyone has the right to peacefully protest for justice, but don't have a right to riot, looting and cause mayhem and destruction in cities in the name of George Floyd. 

Has anyone forgot what Martin Luther King Jr. said about that? 

...."We got to have our freedom, we have waited too long. So that I would say that every summer we're going to have this kind of vigorous protest. My hope is that it will be NON-VIOLENT, I hope we can avoid riots because riots are self-defeating and socially destructive. " .... 

It's sad, the black community has forgotten also Reverend King's legacy. 


I'm white. You're black. 2 different breeds but the same species. 
Like a Retriever and a Labrador. 

Dr. King was right. These people SET BACK Civil Rights for at least 10 years.
We're all on the same side. The media and ANTIFA aren't our friends.
I wish we didn't have these riots...

Stay strong, pray, and be safe.💜


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