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The Iliad: Song of Illium

The sacred soil of Ilios is rent
With shaft and pit; foiled waters wander slow
Through plains where Simois and Scamander went
To war with gods and heroes long ago.
Not yet to dark Cassandra lying low
In rich Mycenae do the Fates relent;
The bones of Agamemnon are a show,
And ruined is his royal monument.
The dust and awful treasures of the dead
Hath learning scattered wide; but vainly thee,
Homer, she meteth with her Lesbian lead,
And strives to rend thy songs, too blind is she
To know the crown on thine immortal head
Of indivisible supremacy. A.L.

The Illiad: Song of Illium is a special edition of Homer's classic epic poem that will be released later this June on Lulu and under the Storyteller Classics label.
It will contain the epic poem itself with the original greek names and full-colored pictures.

Despite not being in the original poem, the special edition will include the iconic tales of the Trojan Horse, Achilles' heel, and Judgement of Paris as extras for the very first time.

Character bios of each main character and Greek diety.

A full-color map of Homer's Greece. 

Next month, The Odyssey will get its own special edition treatment.



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