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Storyteller June 2020 Update: Homer's Classic Dualogy gets Definitve Edtions and Discord Servers!

It's announced the Storyteller will release Homer's classic duology The Illiad & The Odyssey under the Storyteller Classics banner. This will be the definitive edition with historical artwork, maps, Character bios, lore analysis, and many other extras. Both Classics are written by Homer in ancient Greece thousands of years ago. But to this day it's still debated who he actually is, just like Aesop.

The Homeric Question – concerning by whom, when, where and under what circumstances the Iliad and Odyssey were composed – continues to be debated. Broadly speaking, modern scholarly opinion falls into two groups. One holds that most of the Iliad and (according to some) the Odyssey are the works of a single poet of genius. The other considers the Homeric poems to be the result of a process of working and reworking by many contributors, and that "Homer" is best seen as a label for an entire tradition. It is generally accepted that the poems were composed at some point around the late eighth or early seventh century BC.

Many accounts of Homer's life circulated in classical antiquity, the most widespread being that he was a blind bard from Ionia, a region of central coastal Anatolia in present-day Turkey. Modern scholars consider these accounts legendary.

Many traditions circulated in the ancient world concerning Homer, most of which are lost. Modern scholarly consensus is that they have no value as history.

Some claims were established early and repeated often. They include that Homer was blind (taking as self-referential a passage describing the blind bard Demodocus), that he was born in Chios, that he was the son of the river Meles and the nymph Critheïs, that he was a wandering bard, that he composed a varying list of other works (the "Homerica"), that he died either in Ios or after failing to solve a riddle set by fishermen, and various explanations for the name "Homer". The two best known ancient biographies of Homer are the Life of Homer by the Pseudo-Herodotus and the Contest of Homer and Hesiod.

The Ancient World can be hard to research people's lives.


In The Illiad, Set during the Trojan War, the ten-year siege of the city of Troy (Ilium) by a coalition of Greek states, it tells of the battles and events during the weeks of a quarrel between King Agamemnon and the warrior Achilles.

Don't forget the iconic "Achilles' Heel".
Chief's Drumbeat: The Achilles Heel

It's sequel, The Odyssey, mainly focuses on the Greek hero Odysseus (known as Ulysses in Roman myth), king of Ithaca, and his journey home after the fall of Troy. It takes Odysseus ten years to reach Ithaca after the ten-year Trojan War. In his absence, Odysseus is assumed to have died, due to which his wife Penelope and son Telemachus must deal with a group of unruly suitors, the Mnesteres (Greek: Μνηστῆρες) or Proci, who compete for Penelope's hand in marriage.

Homer's Epic Dualogy are both one of the most influential literal works in the western canon. Storyteller is proud to release a definitive edition of both works under the Storyteller Classics banner. The release date is to be determined at this time, possibly 2020 or 2021.

Also in other news, 25 Ghost Stories will be released digitally for free via PDF this month of June.
Storyteller will introduce cool discord servers (some NSFW).

Cheers, Stay safe.


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