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Opinion: Tradtional Media is dying: Future 2020s Predictions

We must understand as humans that we invent, adapt, and evolve (or should I say Create, update and upgrade) to make our lives better and we've been doing this since the dawn of time.

Traditional Media is dying and everybody knows it, here are my predictions in which media is dying or not. Dividing into these categories.




TV News & Newspapers





10 years from now these will be my predictions.

Books have been around for thousands of years. Books have evolved to ebooks and audiobooks, but many people still prefer psychical editions of books. Hey, why not? I highly believe they're not going anywhere anytime soon. But t's kind of sad that children's books are dead though...

Theaters will be sticking around but won't be as big and popular, because of the rise of streaming or buying movies at home (and garbage movies from Hollywood). Theaters will be a niche market for traditionalists movie-goers but the general public will most likely go for movies at home. Hollywood studios would either shrink or collapse. Genesis Cinemas Articles • Connect Nigeria

Traditional TV and News is dying and will be dead due to the rise of cheaper internet streaming, more consumer options, and more creative freedom for creators. TV networks are operated by multi-million (billion) dollars stations with loads of tapes and equipment with many operators. Ratings for television have been dropping every year due to the streaming migration of Youtube, Netflix, etc., garbage programs, high cable prices, and annoying ads. DirecTV and Dish Network have been losing over 750,000 customers and increasing. Consequently losing billions of dollars, many people are moving to terrestrial TV or internet streaming. Cable companies will mostly be bankrupt.

Traditional national Newspapers will also be mostly dead and bankrupt (not sure about local) because why pay a subscription to the New York Times while I can read Breitbart for FREE on the internet.

Anyone can broadcast, upload a movie/show and report the news on the internet with freedom, but for traditional TV and news, it comes with a cost of licensing, job contracts, unions, and more requirements. The Internet is FREEDOM. Terrestrial and Cable TV are limited but the Internet is limitless with more options to choose from.

Back then there were over 30 media operations now there's 5. They're losing money and they know it. They will eventually collapse and people will lose their jobs and those people will set up a camera and start uploading/writing from there bedrooms and make money.

                                                                                                                                                                For comparison, let's compare CNN's newsroom and Tim Pool's studio. CNN spends thousands to
millions of dollars on a huge studio, with lights, expensive cameras, makeup people, cameramen, sound crew, broadcasting crew,  journalists, reporters, editors, and producers, associative producers, news anchors, associate editor, residence editor, visual text editor, Desk Head, stingers along with other staffs.
Three Entry Level Television Jobs with Real Growth Potential

Tim Pool's studio is small with less than 3 people, a couple computers, simple editing software, a cheap microphone, affordable camera, and the Internet. That's it. That costs hundreds or thousands of dollars and gets many views just as CNN at an affordable cost.

This can be similarly equivalent to comparing The New York Times and to a small news website with just 8 people.

As a result, Traditional TV and news companies will mostly fall and collapse as most boomers die-out. Terrestrial TV will probably stick around because it's free but not cable or satellite. One thing to add, media corporations are creeping in on Youtube so they can get that juicy add-revenue...

Radio, no idea, but unlike tv, I believe radio will still stick around for music and local content and there are MANY more radio stations than TV stations so that offers more options. People like listing to the radio in their cars and at home, especially when they don't have internet. Radio FM/AM still uses analog signals but HD Radio, a brand for digital radio, has been slowly growing on stations and radios. HD Radio digital transmissions offering album art, info, station logo, news, and weather/traffic alerts depending on the station.

For tech, Windows will die and be replaced by Linux, an open-source/decentralized community-driven operating system. SoCs and FPGAs will rise because of faster compacity and cheap costs.

 X86 will fall. In my opinion, I highly believe the x86 architecture is old and dated (1978), too complex for coders and it's not open-source, which makes it more harder for software developers. (Owned by Intel & AMD). Linux/Android is one of the great OS alternatives, but what about an alternative open architecture? So far we have Sparc, MIPS and a few others are open-source with less-complex architectures. I believe in the future we will phase out of x86 sooner or later like transitioning from Windows to Linux. ARM dominates the mobile market and not open-source.

Big tech like Facebook, Google, Youtube, Twitter will fall due to the rise of open-source and decentralization networks like Gab, Mastodon, Fediverse, Duck Duck Go, PeerTube, and Bitchute. Big tech has a habit of censorship/data collection under their centralized severs (more like a prison).

For gaming, PC gamers will move to Linux due to Microsoft's property Windows OS and Direct X, many believe it's slowing down gaming. Steam supports Linux because they know Windows is decaying. Linux games are growing every day, Windows is dying and Mac gaming is mostly dead. More open-source the better! PC gamers are still stuck on x86 Architecture with a triopoly of Intel, AMD, and Nvidia.

For console games, Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox are the top brands of another triopoly. Microconsoles like Intellivision Amico and Atari VCS. Nintendo will stick around if they keep innovating with fun and creative ideas and will lead the portable gaming industry, Playstation and Xbox have been releasing western AAA woke games recently and it will increase, both have a monopoly digital stores. Xbox will eventually merge with Windows gaming and fall as a "gaming brand". 

However, with the rise of BDJ Gaming, Blu-Ray Java is an advanced custom Java Virtual Platform that's mandatory built-in in all Blu-ray Players and game consoles with Blu-ray playback. The great thing about BD-J is it's decentralized, no need to pay fees, licensing to make games, and no hacking required. They will play on PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and all past, present, and future Blu-ray players. Consoles worry about future-proofing graphics but BDJ is timeless because of its 2D/2.5D capability. When creating a BDJ game, no worrying about OS, Architecture, or custom specifications because it's all virtual. You don't have to pay a fee or licensing to self-publish your games.

When the BD-J gaming community gets big enough it's possible it would dominate the console industry and PlayStation could fall or evolve. If something goes wrong with Blu-ray Disc, it can be replaced by an open-source or alternative disc.

Western Comicsbooks have been in decline due to a lack of high-quality storytelling and high issue prices. Manga is dominating because of its rich high-quality content and affordable/valuable price. Eastern European comics are on the rise but kind-of expensive. But yeah, traditional mainstream Western comic books will die and the only thing left in the West will be small indie and webcomics.

In the other note: Vinyl records are making a comeback, audio dramas are reviving thanks to Audible and podcasts and indie filmmakers will keep using 16mm film stocks. I also believe CDs will stick around for music and audio productions. There are people that prefer physical products over digital.

If Internet Service Providers prices go up or start doing censorship (God-forbid) people will start making their own web networks.

 Now Let's have a quick recap.

Books will still be here forever.

Theaters will be for a niche market.

Tradtional TV and News will die.

Cable companies will mostly be bankrupt.

National Newspapers will die.

Radio will stick around.

Windows, x86, and Big Tech will mostly collapse.

Linux and BDJ gaming will rise. Windows and consoles will fall.

Western Comics will go bankrupt.

Epstein didn't kill himself.



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