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Storyteller August 2021 Update

What's up Storytellers? This month's update will be mostly about Norfolk web comics and the RPG, but also our web serial Crimea, ST's Gab account, website updates and our new mascot! Be sure to hit your head on the subscribe button via RSS for more news and updates.

Norfolk Comic

Recently for the past 3 months, I've been working on Norfolk Issues #6 & 7 back-to-back. Issue #6 will be over 45 pages long and Issue #7 will be 68 pages long and both will be released in the same month. Since my personal computer crashed, I made back-ups of my digital master files, but some software I use like and Epson were not recovered and I couldn't install one of them again, because of a stupid .net error, so I'm going to do things a little differently with the art. Since I'm only ONE man, b&w page takes time to complete, so it will be awhile and they will be released when they're ready. And recently I have been in a writers block with both Norfolk and Crimea, I'm known for making LONG & COMPLEX stories and this makes my brain hurt, so I'm taking a break, when my mind is all clear. In the meantime, you can read my other #Norfolk #comics and play the tabletop RPG @ . 

Norfolk RPG

Before Norfolk RPG's publication, we looked loosely at the grammar and game logic, not once, not twice, not thrice, but quadruple times! We found some snippets of grammatical errors, but nothing game breaking. Oh, non no. We're not ashamed that we're embarrassed by these errors, Game of Thrones has 2 editors and there's still a few errors because it's such a long book. Cyberpunk and The Witcher RPG were published with some errors, and that's why we have erratas! We will be releasing errata updates on Norfolk's website this upcoming month. 

If you like to play this tabletop RPG you can download the PDF for FREE @ or purchase the physical book at

Non-English Norfolk comics

We have experimented translations of the Norfolk comics, using Google translate (which has become a meme) and other book references and we got useful feedback from a few readers. Yes, the translations are a little clunky and sometimes robotic, but we did it for you. For now on starting this month, we're going to put a notice to non-English speakers about the source of the translation and it was originally in English. Later this year, we will keep translating the remaining issues in Japanese, French, Russian, and Greek (When we have spear time). We are also thinking about translating it into German, Polish, and Chinese (Traditional & Simplified). If you don't like the machine translations, that's okay. You are welcome to contribute and give us your own translations if you want. 

Future of Norfolk

Norfolk will conclude after Issue#10, it will be a LONG while before we see Issues #8, 9, and 10 in the light of day. Remember, I'm only ONE man. After the series is complete they would be put together in one omnibus trade paperback with extra content that worth value to your money. Even, after the series concludes we will still be promoting it over the web and word of mouth. 

Storyteller's Gab account

We haven't touched @StorytellerStudios Gab account due to low popularity, but our Gab ground called The Storyteller Group (g/storyteller) has grown to 55 members. This month we will reform the account and see we're it goes. My Gab account @aefirestone has over 400 followers, that's 30x more than ST's. We were thinking about going to Odysee, but we haven't decided yet. (We like our website).


We've been busy with other stuff lately and I haven't posted any new chapters for the web serial because it BARELY getting any views, even though the viewers who do read it, love it. I will post and edit the remaining chapters every week this month, but after that, the future is uncertain. I have been in a writers block with both Norfolk and Crimea.

Website updates

We'll be making some "experimental" changes on the website, but not dramatic changes, just little tweaks.

  • Feedburner aka Subscribe to email will be going away, due to being discontinued. But you can still subscribe to us via RSS. 
  • We're planning on removing and minimizing some stuff from the right bar.
  • For now on, all future posts will only use JPEG images to save user data, PNG takes alot longer to load, especially bigger ones. We will still use those cool animated GIFs.
  • Adjusting widths and lengths from the main page, because the size is incorrect on some platforms.
  • Making it more mobile friendly as possible with a mobile version.


We proudly want to introduce you our mascot, Red the Cardinal. He's from Virginia and likes to perch in his true until some NPC SJW from New York threw a rock and called him racist male and every name in the book. Then he and all of the Cardinal master race came flying towards the NPC and pecked it to death, showing Red was alpha and on top in the pecking order. He is also best friend's with the webmaster, Æ (me, duh.) 

Sic semper tyrannis

We'll that's all folks, see ya at starside! 

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