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⚔️ So, this Dwarf, Elf and Thief go out on a Adventure


What's the worst that can happen?

So, this Dwarf, Elf and Thief go out on adventure - the Elf armed with a great bow, the Dwarf with a Warhammer and the thief with an empty sack "for all the gold we'll find!" 

They travel for days and days until they approach the entrance to a dangerous and dark dungeon. Buy they see that another party of adventurers is about to go in before them. 

"Hurry! They'll get all the gold!" says the thief, but the Elf says "No, wait - they will spring all the booby traps and leave the way open for us!" 

The three adventurers watch as the other group starts to go inside, and an argument ensues among the other group. Soon it is clear that they have left one of their members behind at the door - and some other figures appear out of the shadows and join her! 

The trio draws nearer and find all of the group outside the door are women. 

Dozens of them! The trio comes closer, and ask the one who was left "What is your name?" 

The woman says, "I am one called Hopewella, but many just call me Hope." 

Another woman chimes in "My name is Hope also!" More speak up "And mine too!"

Curious at this, the Elf looks up at an inscription above the dungeon door, which reads "Abandon Hope, all ye who enter here!"

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