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๐ŸŽƒ One Spooky Night on Halloween...

Chris, an urban adventurer, was looking to have some fun.

He decided that since it was Halloween, it would be the perfect time to explore a spooky house. He asked the locals if they knew of any, and they informed him of this abandoned mansion not too far from where he lived. He was warned countless times not to go there; a local even went as far as saying, "Stay away from that house! If you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes!"

Chris paid no attention.

He went to the mansion that night. As he expected, the surrounding trees were lifeless, the windows were shattered, and there was a sign saying, "No Trespassing!"; it was a truly abandoned home.

As he stepped through the front door, he moved the cobwebs out of his face. He explored the whole mansion and didn't find anything out of the ordinary. The only place that he didn't explore was the basement. It was locked with this giant rusty padlock, and he was wondering why. He picked it and took the lock off.

As he made his way down the concrete steps with his flashlight in hand, he turned the corner at the bottom and discovered something deeply offsetting... a coffin laying on some kind of altar.

"What the hell is a coffin doing down here? Does a vampire live here or something?" Chris thought as a joke.

He inched towards the coffin, opened it up slowly, and saw... nothing.

Chris was a little disappointed, yet he thought the fact that he discovered a coffin on an altar in an abandoned mansion would make an interesting story, so he started to make his leave. Chris walked up the concrete steps and just as he was about to make it to the basement door on top, he heard a noise.

It sounded like something moved. It was as if a cardboard box was being skidded across the floor or something. Did it come from downstairs?

He slowly turned around, and to his horror, he saw something emerge from the corner at the bottom of the stairs.

Standing upright; it was the coffin!

"WHAT THE HELL?" Chris thought.

Chris ran. He was in full survivor mode at this point. He bolted out the front door of his house, and would you know it, the coffin was skidding after him with its lid open, as if it was trying to eat him.

"Help! Someone save me!" he yelled. He was hoping someone in the neighborhood would respond, yet no one paid attention. They thought it was some typical Halloween prank.

As Chris ran as fast as he could, he found a gas station and entered the door.

"CALL THE POLICE!" Chris yelled at the clerk.

"Whoa, what's your problem?" the clerk said.

And before another word was spoken, the coffin burst through the wall behind the clerk, knocking down all the cigarettes and the alcohol kept behind the counter all over the floor. The scene was almost as if a hurricane passed through.

Before the clerk could react, the coffin opened its lid, and pulled him in screaming as if some unknown force was acting upon him and the lid closed. Then came a blood-curdling scream, and what came out of the coffin next, was a skeleton picked clean. The bones fell and rattled the floor.

"OH CRAP!" yells Chris. And before he knew it, Chris switched from flight to fight mode, and started throwing everything he could at the coffin, hoping it wouldn't come closer. He threw hot coffee, 12-packs of alcohol, and every other heavy item he could think of. It didn't even phase it.

At the worst possible moment, Chris tripped over on a machine while running, and he scrambled to find his footing, but before he could, the coffins forces acted upon him. The lid opened, and he was slowly lifted off the floor.

"AHH! SOMEONE HELP ME!" he yelled

As he was pulled toward it, he instinctive started grabbing nearby items off the shelves and through everything he could at it. Nothing was working.

As he floated towards the coffin, he saw it's decrepit inside; his potential would-be grave. If he didn't act fast, he was going to die.

And at the last possible moment, he grabbed one last thing off the shelf; a bottle of cold medicine, and threw it inside.

And guess what happened?

The coffin stopped.

Image: ©Hercules


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