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๐Ÿงฉ NSFW: Six Lessons from Us.

Here at Storyteller, we're committed to giving you valuable lessons, so, you should listen to us, we're kind-of experts ...

๐ŸŽ† The New Year 2023

The holidays are over, and I've set a New Years resolution for myself: 1920x1080

The 2020s is a crazy decade, some idiots altered the timeline thus creating a pair-of-socks of a mess, the plandemic, mass surveillance, propaganda, censorship, etc.

Now it's 2023, the third year of this decade, and whether you're happy or sad, it will be a new crazy year for everyone. This year at Storyteller, we will be making some changes and announcements in the upcoming months.

Website Changes

We'll be making some changes and reforms to in the coming months of this year, by tweaking the GI (Graphical interface), making aesthetic changes, and finally creating a web app.

A web app! A web app you say? Yep, that's right. Later this year we'll be making a web app version of Storyteller for mobile phones, tablets, and computers. We'll give it a cool splash screen, a nice look'n app icon, etc.

This web app is not a native app, this app will be web-based, meaning it will be using the same software technologies from the website. Native apps take time to code and update, and you have to worry about being approved for displaying your app in famous app stores or having the fear of censorship.

But not to worry, this web app will not be in the app stores; instead, all you have to do is simply go to and you will see a pop-up message asking if you wish to install the web app. Simple.

Aesthetic changes will be coming also, with the GI and some technical workarounds. We've noticed some problems with the website not displaying correctly on some displays such as laptops. And we'll try to improve the display more this year.

More Stories

We love jokes; we don't care if you're offended by the un-PC humor, we just love them. 

This year we'll be posting all kinds of more stories, from classics, contemporary, underrated, shaggy-dogs, and more un-PC humor (we don't take sides). Nothing generic nor stupid; original and attractive.

All un-PC jokes and stories will be often tagged in NSFW (Not Safe for Work), just in case we've burst your bubble.

New Web Serial Project

We're announcing a new original web serial this year. We're not going to tell you what it's about yet, but we can tell you it will be a limited-run serial with each chapter to be released weekly.

We don't have the name or release date yet, as it's to be determined.

More Opinions and rants

Don't like our opinions? Tough! We'll be writing more opinions and rants this year about something that's ridiculous in the "current year". Opinions will talk about all sorts of things from social commentary to media-related content.


Yes, we'll continue to do more reviews on non-mainstream stuff and oddities. We rarely review something from the mainstream as we're committed to reviewing independent and alternative media for our underground readers. We mostly hate normie content.


Recommending something whether it's a movie, book, or game can be hard, even if it's something niche. We'll continue to offer recommendations this year but we're also going to show stuff that we don't recommend. To warn our readers if this type of media is woke or just sucks. We'll try to be fair as possible in the descriptions of our recommendations.

Recommendations will be categorized for their quality in Gold, Silver, and Bronze. It will be categorized as Mainstream (M), Non-Mainstream (NM), Alternative (A), Niche (N), or Underground (U). Well also tell you which age is appropriate and which audience that appeal to each title.

Deleting irrelevant and dated articles

We've been cleaning up by deleting some articles that are very dated or severely irrelevant. Wait, why! That's censorship! We'll not really, they are archived on and We're not deleting these articles because of "censorship" or because some whiney dip$%&t got offended. The reason why we deleting these articles from this site is to prevent people from reading information that is outdated and irrelevant, like "Oh, this was years ago." or "But he's not the owner anymore." Get the picture?

However, not all articles will be deleted, some will be edited with a notice and include a header that will tell the reader that the article's information is dated and irrelevant.

But you can still read the deleted articles on and They're not gone.

Conclusion has been around since 2019 and from the start of this new timeline. So, we hope to make these changes great and enjoyable this year. And we also hope everyone including you has a great new year.

God bless.

- The Storyteller Team

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