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๐Ÿน A Warrior and the Chief's Daughter


In my past life, I was a warrior for an Indian Tribe and was madly in love with the chief's daughter

    In this tribe, we were named after the first thing our mothers saw when we were born. And His daughter, Lily Petal, was absolutely beautiful, and every day I sighed knowing there was nothing I could do to ever win her attention. I was just boring old Falling Rock, a nobody warrior.

But one day, the chief announced that his daughter's hand in marriage was available, and that he and she had decided that whoever could bring him the most beautiful, unique, and amazing thing they could find, would win her hand in marriage.

Now, Flowing Water, he decided to go look in the place of his birth down by the river. And after 2 days he returned with a chunk of gold as big as your fist and presented it to the chief. He nodded, examining it, then turned to Lava Pit and said, “Now you go”.

Well Lava Pit figured, ‘he found something beautiful where he was born, maybe I can too!’, and took off to the mountain where the lava flowed. He was there for 4 days, and returned with a flawless, shimmering diamond, the size of both fists. And the chief laughed, looking it over with great intrigue, and then he turned to me and said, “and now you go, Falling Rock”.

And so, I thought long and hard, and decided that if it worked for the first two, maybe I could find something of value in my birthplace too. So, I traveled to the mountains, and I scoured every inch of the mountain tops, searching for something, anything of value.

And I fell off and died, and they never heard from me again.

But that’s ok, it wasn’t all bad. I mean, did you know that apparently, my tribe missed me so much that they’re stilling searching for me to this very day? It’s true! 

That’s why whenever you go up to the mountains you see signs and warnings about “look out for Falling Rock”

Image: 3Dfx Voodoo

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