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πŸ’¨The Adventures of Farty Bart


Bart was a regular fellow, quite charming actually. But he farted often than most...

Bart has obtained that sweet sweet yes from the girl of his dreams, they agreed to a date on his now girlfriend's house.

They were eating, chatting, laughing, until he had the sudden urge to fart. Of course, like any decent gentleman he chose not to embarrass himself and hold it in. But he failed and it came out almost instantly.

"Max, get out of here right now!" His girlfriend said. Max was her dog that was sitting just beside their table.

Bart was relieved that she thought it was the dog that farted! Looks like he got away this time.

Now Max, the obedient boy that he is, went straight under the table, girlfrien.. let's just call her Annie from now, just ignored him and continued on their date.

About 5 minutes have passed and Bart had the urge to fart again. He's not called Farty Bart for nothing.

This time it was one of those farts that are labeled "silent but deadly" Bart wanted to be sneaky and just let it out without a sound, praying Annie wouldn't notice.

Again, he failed.

Annie noticed the absurd smell immediately.

Again, she said "Max, get out of here I said!"

Again, Max didn't bat an eye and just stayed there.

Bart, again relieved that he got away because of his now best friend Max, is... well about to fart again.

This fart was one of those "big ones", you know, the one you know is gonna be bad... like really bad!

He tried to hold it in, his face began to turn red, he sweated a lot, he was like having this spiritual battle... with his fart.

And then alas, he failed.

The fart came out in all of its glory, probably filling the whole room!

Now Annie was full of it, she couldn't stand it, Max had to go.

Annie stood up and said "Max! If you don't get out of here right now, you're gonna get shat on!"

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