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👎 How to Bring Back the YouTube Dislike Button.

After YouTube recently removed the dislike button from videos, it received heavy criticism and backlash from people who often use it.

Because with the removal of YouTube dislike button and counter, you really cant tell if something is genuine like a PC tutorial fix and etc.

You really cant tell if a video is good or bad without watching until the end and that's really bad since users can use this for click bait videos and others.

But thankfully, these people made this web extension to get the dislike counter back and that means a lot not only to me, but to the whole YouTube community.

The web extension is called "Return YouTube Dislike" It returns ability to see dislikes and the ability to see dislike statistics and rating bar. The web extension works with Chrome or Chrome based web browsers. 

You can get the extension at the Chrome Web-store @

or at the developer's website @

(Just in case if Google removes it from the Chrome Store.)

The developer has shared it's source-code via Github at the developer's website.

How does it work?

"The extension collects the video ID of the video you are watching, fetches the dislike (and other fields like views, likes etc) using our API, if this is the first time the video was fetched by our API, it will use the YouTube API to get the data, then store it in the database for caching (cached for around 2-3 days) and archiving purposes, and returns it to you. The extension then displays the dislike count and ratio on the page."

What will happen after the YouTube API stops returning the dislike count?

"The backend will switch to using a combination of archived dislike stats, estimates extrapolated from extension user data, and estimates based on view/like ratios for videos whose dislikes weren't archived as well as outdated dislike count archives."

YouTube removing the dislike counter not only promotes garbage click-bait media, but can be outright dangerous if you use YouTube tutorials for everything. I'm glad this extension exists and hope it stays around for a long time (but knowing YouTube they'll patch it out for "safety concerns") and Chrome Store said it has "safety concerns" before downloading the extension. 

God bless web browser extensions!

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