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Making some changes for Storyteller.

Today we're announcing some changes at Storyteller. Where do we even begin?

Starting this December, we will discontinue making Virginian political articles and keeping that separate with a new upcoming website coming next year. We feel articles like those, shouldn't belong here and are out of place. We wrote them because of our aggravation on what's going on in the commonwealth. 

But we'll still be talking about literature, comics, games, tech, satire, reviews, memes and pop culture stuff like we've always have.

Along side with normal articles, we'll have three special types of articles.

This Month @ Storyteller (or TMAS)

Storyteller Update will be changed to This Month @ Storyteller (or TMAS). Every month will discuss and give you an update on everything or anything about what's going on each month. Literately.

Quick Fix

This type of article is will be about quick fixes, showing a brief on what's been quickly updated or fixed, either the web site or our projects. This will include minor tweaks and erratas. 


This type of article discuses new or on-going projects, as we share our ideas from our minds. We will also discuss about storytelling in general. 

Major Update

This type of article will be about major updates involving our websites or our projects. Like, major update on our website, a new edition of one of our books, or updating our games. 

Here's other things we'll be doing.

  • A website dedicated to the Crimea web-serial will launch sometime in 2022. It will be designed for reading and for mobile users. It will also have a map, character profiles, appendices and trusted links to historical materiel. 
  • Updating the 'About Page", it needs a little makeover. 
  • Updating our Alternative Tech page.
  • Making some tweaks on the main page's interface.

Stuff we got fixed

  • The Storyteller logo is smaller for mobile users.
  • Fixed a glitch were posts on the main page do not appear.
  • Temporary fixed a glitch were the comments don't work, so we've added the Blogger comment section, you can use your Google account or comment anonymously. 

Well, that was a lot of information. If you made it this far, bless your heart—you’re our kind of people.

See ya,

Jane Doe. 

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