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Storyteller December Update 2021

This month at Storyteller, we'll talk about Norfolk Omnibus, 2021, future articles, and pondering my Orbs!

First off, A.E. Firestone's Norfolk: Omnibus Edition is still in the works, with updating and revising some of the comic's and game's text and some artwork before it's 2/22/22 release. The RPG section of the omnibus will have a brand new look compared to the first version, but the game rules are left unchanged. 

Here's what the 450 page omnibus will contain. 

  • All 7 issues of the Norfolk comic
  • The Norfolk Role-playing game.
  • NEW Cover art/concept sketch gallery
  • NEW Character Bios
  • NEW Commentary from the author

The Role-playing game will feature newly designed pages and also keeping the old ones, as Mr. Firestone was not happy with the old design and wanted something refreshing, giving it a early 2000's sci-fi look. 

Norfolk #6 will be released on 12/22/12 this month.

You can read the other issues @ 

For the internet this month, a new humorous meme has emerged, Pondering my Orbs.

Pondering My Orb, also known as Ponder Orb, refers to a series of exploitables that feature a drawing of a sagely figure looking into a crystal ball. After being posted to Twitter in October 2021 with the caption "pondering my orb," users online edited the picture to feature different characters or used the image in other meme templates. In late November 2021, the meme saw a further resurgence and appeared across social media and the internet more prominently than the month prior.

The original picture used in the meme comes from a gamebook that featured the artwork by English historical and fantasy illustrator Angus Mcbride on its cover, called Middle-Earth Quest: A Spy In Isengard, which was published in 1988 for a role-playing game based on The Lord of the Rings.

On October 15th, 2021, Twitter user @thatsgoodweb posted the image, captioning the picture, "pondering my orb." The post gained over 3,300 retweets and 21,000 likes. The meme has gone viral and spread with different humorous variants. After the @thatsgoodweb post, memers on Twitter, Reddit and Gab, began making jokes with the image by either editing it to feature different characters or adding it to pre-existing templates

Also behind the meme is an Hobbit, assuming it's Frodo. 

In the future, Storyteller will have new articles talking about particular subjects like. 

- Best of American literature
- Best of British literature
- Best of Southern literature
- Best of European literature
- The Story of the Elves
- Who's St. Nicolas?

As were busy in these troubling times, be patient and stay tuned for future articles.

Storyteller will be updating the "Alternative Tech" page, adding new AltTech and other stuff.

Norfolk #1 has been translated in Chinese (Traditional & Simplified) and planning to translate in Polish and Indonesian using supervised machine translation. Just to experiment. 

The Errata section of the Norfolk RPG web-page has been updated, and all erratas will be updated for the new revised edition of Norfolk RPG in the Norfolk Omnibus Edition. 

Sometime in the future, 2022, the free digital edition Norfolk RPG will replace the .PDF version from Mega to using a web only version. This version will be data friendly with file compression and it will be printer friendly. 

2021 has been very weird just like 2020, but not as worse....okay maybe the same. But Christmas and the New Year is coming soon as 2022 is just around the corner. 


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