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Kelly with her her 1989 Pontiac Stinger

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from previous chapters of the web comic.

This science fiction comic takes place in the futuristic city of Norfolk, Virginia in 2084. It was mostly a peaceful city, until a giant kaiju named Invidia came to town and destroying everything in it's path

An organization called the Virginia Defense Force (or VDF for short), headed by Suzzane Gabbard, launches their own giant green mecha named the Legionnaire in his first fight with the beast.

With everything in his power, the Legionnaire successfully stopped Invidia was destroying Norfolk any further.

A week later another kaiju arrives, named Gula. Big 'n fat, he had an appetite of sucking debris from all over the city.

The Legionnaire was ready to eliminate this second kaiju until he was unexpectedly defeated, almost destroying him in the process.

Then the VDF had a Plan-B and quickly rebuilt the Legionnaire in his new and approved armor. 

After the plan was successful, they trapped and dropped Gula into a pile of molted steel and the Legionnaire spread the kaiju with a cold water hose and it finally exploded. 

A nosy reporter, named Kelly Mitchem, from the News & Advance has been investigating these strange battles with the mecha and the kaijus. 

Another week later, another kaiju, named Acedia, arrived inside the Chesapeake Bridge tunnel. The Legionnaire with his allied robots, Cinaethon and Agathon, fought against the monster. The Legionnaire noticed a group of misfit boys were trapped inside a bus, Dude, Landon, Jacob and Glenn.

While Cinaethon and Agathon were defeating Acedia, the Legionnaire recused the boys before Acedia destroyed and flooded the tunnel. 

Damaged beyond repair, the green mecha asked one of the boys, Duke, to take his fusion core out, and so he did. They boys hid the Legionnaire's core from the authorities for awile, 'til they brought him back online.

The boys befriends with the Legionnaire, the robot told the boys everything of why he and the kaijus exists and the purpose of the VDF's involvement. And boys told him that they were former thieves awhile ago but not anymore.

Hacking to the VDF database, the Legionnaire discovered there was a fourth kaiju arriving in 48 hours. He asked the boys to break into the VDF complex so he can get inside his mech body and defeat it. As a controversial decision to make, only Jacob and Glenn volunteered, while the other two stall the feds.

Will Jacob and Gleen make it and succeed their objective?

Will the Legionnaire defeat the fourth kaiju?

Will secrets be revealed?

Stay tuned for the next chapter of Norfolk, releasing on 12/22/12.

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