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๐Ÿˆฒ A Young Man without Arms


A young man born without arms approached the local rectory to inquire about work.

He was told the only job they had available was for a bell ringer, but because of his condition, he couldn't possibly perform work like that. The man told them he could indeed ring their bells despite his lack of arms and offered to give them a demonstration.

Off into the belfry they all climbed. When they were up there, the young man ran head-first at the giant bell and slammed his face into it. The bell gave out a small, soft sound.

They were unimpressed. "Our parishioners will never hear a bell rung that softly," they argued. The man begged for another chance, which was granted. 

Again, the young man ran head-first at the giant bell and slammed his face into it. Again, the bell gave out a pitiful, feeble tone. "That will never do," they said. "It's obvious, you just can't handle this job."

"Oh, yes I can," he cried with determination. This time, he backed up to the far corner of the belfry and ran at the bell as fast as he possibly could. Near the bell, he tripped over a loose board, and plummeted over the side, falling into the stone courtyard below! Everyone was horrified!

They rushed headlong through the trapdoor, down the long stairs, out of the church, into the courtyard... only to find the young man sprawled across the stones, quite thoroughly dead. 

"The poor man," someone cried. 

"Who was he?" The priest opened the man's wallet and read his name aloud. 

"Hmm," said he, "the name's familiar... but the face just doesn't ring a bell!"

Image: ©Stรฉphane-Hervรฉ


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