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๐Ÿฆท A Moth Goes to the Dentist

 A feast for your eyes.

A moth goes to the dentist. It's wintertime, already past 6 o clock, it appears to be very urgent. After some time of waiting the moth is finally being called in the examination room. He walks to the chair, introduces himself "Hello, my name is Martin Moth, I have just found you, I'm very thankful you're open this late." The dentist is a little confused as he didn't really have too many moth patients until now but tries to do his best anyway. "Alright Mr. Moth, what can I help you with" Mr. Moth climbs up on the chair, takes a comfortable pose and begins telling his story. "Well, you see, Doctor, it's like this. I am a very hard-working man, I live in this cabinet with my wife and children, I make just enough to make ends meet, it's not a fancy life but we get by. 

That is until now. You see, I got fired from my job last week, because every morning when I got to work, my neighbor, that nasty son of a bitch centipede, decides to kick me. Like, with all of his feet. I don't have to tell you, that is gonna take a while. So, when he is done and I can continue my way to work, half my shift is already over. Of course, my boss had no chance but to fire me eventually. However, since I am home a lot more now, I started to notice some changes around the house. My wife, get this, is cheating on me. With another moth. One of our distant cousins, living in bedrooms, always filling up on the nicest clothes, hasn't worked a day in his life. And as if that wasn't bad enough, she still tries to convince me that she doesn't have an affair. My son is currently repeating 8th class for the second time because all he does all day is getting high on moth balls, which he gets from, you know it, my wife's new lover. 

When I tried to confront him, he just told me to screw off, because 'I was boring' my daughter meanwhile is going out with a wasp, we all know this isn't going to last very long but it is still bugging me, because he seems oddly disrespectful towards me. And because all that just doesn't seem to be bad enough, my good-for-nothing brother decided to stay with us and crash on the couch for a couple of days now, so that's another hungry mouth to feed. Yesterday I caught him getting high with my son and my wife's lover, which is the worst thing I could have imagined. 

However, I started looking for jobs because the bills ain't gonna pay themselves. Let me tell you, it is not easy finding a job in my age these days. People told me I was too old; I wasn't up to date regarding technology and that I didn't have experience other than my old field. Well, let me just tell you there have been better days in my life. You know, I used to have it all, a loving wife, money, nice home, all that stuff I-"

The dentist, visibly annoyed, interrupts him and says, " Mr. Moth that is all very tragic to hear, but why are you here?"

"Oh well you had the lights on"

Image: Queen moth -Timothy Archer, 21st Century, Contemporary painting, 2020


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