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๐Ÿ’ฌ OPINION: What's Up with the He Gets Us ads?


   In my opinion a left-wing ad campaign claiming it's spreading the gospel of Jesus mixing with identity politics. According to the website, "It all started with a diverse group of people passionate about the authentic Jesus of the Bible." It's a "campaign designed to create cultural change in the way people think about Jesus and his relevance in our lives." He Gets Us is an initiative of Servant Foundation (The Signatry), a designated 501c from Overland Park, KS. This $100 million dollar ad campaign has been everywhere. In The Signatry's website it says, "Ask What is Possible, Not Traditional. Imagine a global community where people come together for one bold purpose—to create eternal impact."

As you can see, there's already severely red flags here.

As a Christian, I'm disgusted with the "He Gets Us" campaign. It is a complete embarrassment to Christianity, my religion, and certainly no more effective than showing up on a stranger's house uninvited. I won't use this article to argue with those that don't believe in Jesus - Christianity; your faith is your business just as my faith is my own business. I only discuss Christianity with those who ask. "He Gets Us" is forcing a message on those who didn't ask. This is another strike against Christianity that we don't need.

The money spent on this ad campaign could have been spent to actually help people, but since when has modern "Sugar Coated" Christianity ever helped anyone? What does God need with one dollar, much less a $100 million advertising campaign. Oh yeah voters and lots of them, but lucky for people who are aware of this evangelical scampaign can avoid this B.S. altogether. Jesus goes corporate with the people's money, makes plenty of sense. The campaign wants people to take everything that is modern including medicine and trade it all in for a bronze age mentality dependent on the lore and favor of those who aren't exactly skilled at any type of critical thinking and lack any empathy towards a real cause of the human condition.

So yeah, I'll pass, as I wish many others will reject this silly notion that still plays on people's feelings and emotions and political affiliation, manipulating the Christian religion and later their wallets. I'm pretty sure it was meant for people who don't think at all, or to put it in a slightly different view; for people who have no regard for critical thinking but have all the favor in being told what to think instead of how to think.

This reminds me of what is wrong with organized religion. While I still maintain my Christian faith, I can no longer be a part of any church or organized religion, because of the natured sugar coating of my religion since the 20th century. Opinions like mine are important to understand because it shows what people really think, but members inside the woke church ignore. I can think of many good things $100M could do on behalf of Christianity. It sickens me to see it being used on a media blitz that drives people further away from Christianity. It kind of reminds me of why I left the Lutheran church. We received a generous benevolence from a former member that passed on. The council voted to use the funds to expand the music room. I reminded them we have a community gripped by an opioid crisis that needs our help. But the council sees drug addicts as bad people, and music brings glory to God. After 31 years I gave up my Lutheran faith. I can help more people on my own without depending on the church.

Most Americans believe in "fake Christianity" not the traditional Biblical Christianity that we originally did. It's apostasy. These are not born-again believers in Jesus Christ, these are reprobates playing at religion.

This counterfeit religion is moralistic therapeutic deism, a worldview that has quickly gained prominence and given many Americans a theology that looks nothing like historical Biblically Christianity, despite what they may claim.

George Barna, director of research at Arizona Christian University, said MTD — or “watered-down, feel-good, fake Christianity” — is “the most popular worldview in the United States today,” according to Christianity Daily. 

Fake Christianity also includes left-wing ideas of diversity and inclusion, Israel is "our greatest alley" propaganda, catering and tolerating to everyone including homosexuals and other religions and cultures (globalism/civic nationalism). It's degenerate and that's why the religion is rotten to its core in North America.

Without a foundation in the truth from the Bible, increasing numbers of Christians are ill-prepared to fight the moral battles being waged in the U.S. That’s why so many are siding with degenerate and terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter and the LGBT movement. They’ll listen to the loudest voice on either side. Entering the screaming woke mob.

So called "Christian Organizations" like He Gets Us (Servant Foundation), use Christianity to twist and manipulate people for clicks, money, or political agendas. Fake Christianity distorts the God of the Bible in an attempt to make him bless all the dissipations and vanities of the modern world. It may look good in the outside, but in the inside, it's not. This is why watered-down sugar-coated Christianity is even allowed on legacy and mainstream media platforms. It's disgusting and pathetic; it needs to stop, as our ancestors are rolling over their graves. No wonder this pathetic country is going to fall.

Article by Joe Bloggs


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