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7️⃣ Why was 6 afraid of 7?

Check your six.

One time while I was moving into a house while I was younger, this beautiful girl moved in next door. Now I'm about a 6 maybe on a good day. This girl, easy 9/10. Seeing as she is beautiful, I go next door to see if she needs any help moving in. She just shuts me down with a hard no. The next day her dog wanders into my yard. Now I'm a pretty nice guy (and it would be awful to kidnap a dog) so I walk it next door and return it. She says "Wow! Thank you so much! How can I repay you?" And I simply respond, "A date sure would be nice." Oddly enough she says yes. 

Weeks go on and we are happily dating. One day another girl moves into the house opposite of my girlfriend's. Now she's no 9/10, no less than a 7/10 though. While they're outside unloading their cars I go over and offer my help. She says yes and hands me a box. I kid you not, this box is packed with comics and games, but not just any games. These are the games that I love. I ask her about it and she invites me over. I'm over at her house hanging out and playing games at least twice a week all the while dating the 9/10. 

One day my girlfriend gets jealous and tells me that she wants to meet this other girl. We all set up a good day and then they meet. While we're all together, my girlfriend asks me to get her a drink. They were getting along when I was in there so I didn't see a problem leaving. I got my girlfriend a drink and went back to them. When I get back to the room I see my girlfriend on the ground just bleeding. There are bite marks all over her. I look at the other girl and she has blood all around her mouth and I just had to run out of there. I don't understand much of the situation, but my only question is, why was 6 afraid of 7?

Because 7 8 9.

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