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๐ŸŒ The Snail


One day a Snail decides he’s moving a little too slow...

… so, he decides it’s time to get a car. He doesn’t have a lot of money, so he buys a used French sedan. The snail is so impressed how fast he gets around town.

From place to place he wizzes by this slug, beetle and worm friends. While that car isn’t a racer by any means, the snail doesn’t know the difference.

One day he’s passed by a car that easily overtakes him. As the car blows by, he sees an “S” next to the model make. Mr. Snail thinks, “that S must stand for “snail”. 

If I get one, I can go even faster! Slug, beetle and worm won’t know what’s coming!”

He takes his old French car to the shop and tells the mechanic that he needs to have an “S” put on his car. Doesn’t care the price, he’s convinced that this is going to help him go faster. The mechanic tries to tell him otherwise, but in the end, he agrees and installs an oversized “S” on the rear next to the model name.

Mr. Snail can’t wait to fly around town. Up and down the street, he’s moving like never before. Whizzing past slug, beetle and worm, the three of them look at each other and say “whoa- look at that “S” car go”.

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