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๐Ÿšœ A Tale of Little Timmy

 Hello Deere.

Timmy loved tractors. When he was growing up his room was covered in them. He had tractor wallpaper, a tractor bed, tractor sheets, tractor pillowcases and not to mention all of the tractor toys which he would lovingly play with every day.

On Timmy's 13th birthday his parents decided to take him to a farm and let him ride in a tractor. Timmy was so excited as his dream of being in a tractor was finally becoming reality. After about 30 minutes of being driven round the farmer driving offered Timmy a quick behind the wheel. Timmy was thrilled, nothing could make him happier. As Timmy drove round the field, he started to become more and more confident behind the wheel and this is when disaster struck. Timmy, now not really concentrating on where he was going, hit a bump in the field and the tractor lost control and hit a tree. The farmer managed to escape but Timmy was caught between the tractor and the tree and passed out with pain.

Timmy awoke a week later in his local hospital; both his parents were so relieved that he was awake they almost crushed him again. Unfortunately, both of Timmy's legs were broken as well as his lower back. It took Timmy 2 and a half years to finally be back in control over his body and after months of grueling physiotherapy he was finally able to get back home. When he walked into his tractor covered room he almost broke down in tears. Timmy hated Tractors. Timmy never wanted to see another tractor again and so the next day his walls were stripped, his bedding changed, and his toys put away and Timmy tried to move on with his life.

Throughout his life growing up Timmy started to put the whole tractor incident behind him and focus on his new goals in life such as a job or house or even a girlfriend, but he never got rid of that hatred of all things tractor.

We now see Timmy in his mid 20's life's been good to him. He has a good job and has just moved into a new flat in a nice part of town. He pops into a bar on his way home from work for a quick drink. The bar was thick with smoke and Timmy could barely see in front of him. As he went up to the bar he noticed the most beautiful lady he had ever seen in his life. She had long golden hair that fell gracefully from her head. Her eyes were a deep green and her lips a dark red. As Timmy was thinking of something to say to her he noticed a single tear running down her cheek. "Beautiful lady why are you crying" Timmy asked. She looked up at him and explained that all the smoke was hurting her eyes and she was struggling to breath. Timmy new it was his time to shine. "Never fear" he said and stood up on the bar. He then took a deep breath and sucked in all the smoke from the bar, everyone was now staring at him as he casually walked outside and exhaled all the smoke into the atmosphere. As he walked back in he heard the woman cry "how on earth did you do that?!" 

"It's easy" Timmy replied "I'm an ex tractor fan"

Image: Christina Cutino/Pinterest