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ðŸĒ A Brunette, a Redhead, and a Blonde (Die Together and Went to Heaven)

Saint Peter said, "We have only one simple rule here. Don't step on the turtles, walk carefully"

The Blonde walks uncautiously and steps on a turtle.

"What have you done?" said Saint Peter. "We are going to give you one of the worst punishments." The Blonde replied, "It was by mistake, just give me one chance!" Saint Peter pretends to not listen and chains her with one of the ugliest men who lived for all of her eternity.

The Brunette was being cautious but still due to more density of the turtles she steps in one of them too. Saint Peter
unhesitatingly again chains her with yet another very ugly man.

Now the Redhead became very cautious. A week or two has passed but she didn't step in any turtles. One day, Saint Peter along with big chains approached towards her but this time also with a handsome boy that every girl dreams to have. 

Happy but also confused she asked Saint Peter while he was already chaining them, "I wonder what I did to deserve to be chained to you for all of eternity" Saint peter walks away not saying a word.

When she asks the same question to that handsome boy he replied, "Well, I don't know about you, but I stepped on a turtle".

Image: corknaturenetwork.ie

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